About Us


Corporate Mission
We aim to build global synergies for recyclers all over the world to reduce increasing carbon footprint. The goal is to optimize recycling functions and help make the process of recycling more efficient.

We, Universal IMPEX, strive to employee innovative technologies  and learn from our experiences to serve global community of recyclers. We aspire to continue our journey, focused on our core strength of matching ferrous and non-ferrous metal recyclers and gradually conglomerate into other recyclable materials.

Company Goals
Universal IMPEX is focused to become the lead traders of recycled materials. We are in business to harness full utility of scarce recyclable industrial materials and become a building block for a cleaner and safer world. We aim to become the catalyst to bring efficiencies in recycling industry by forming sustainable and lucrative partnerships worldwide

Company Profile

Universal IMPEX is one of the lead traders of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. Our team has over 40 years of experience and are partnered with companies in North America, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East.

Universal IMPEX and the Environment

Recycling is the most efficient way to conserve nature. Scarce natural resources are becoming scarcer. Recycling now is of utmost importance and it must be adopted on an individual and national level. We need all stakeholders to ramp up their recycling practices to leave a cleaner and healthy communities to live in for our future generations.

Universal IMPEX aims to make the process of recycling of materials fluid globally, we aim to educate all stakeholders of its importance and shorten the life cycle of recyclable materials.

Haseeb Khokhar

Thank you for selecting Universal Impex LLC. We are dedicated to providing you with the most thorough and up-to-date service possible. We hope that you will feel comfortable turning to us for any of your ferrous and non-ferrous metals needs now and in the future. Please feel free to call me during business hours +1 202 597 8908

Asad Pervaiz

"We are please to welcome you as a new customer of Universal Impex LLC. We feel honored that you have chosen us to fill your business product needs, and we are eager to be of service.
We look forward to a long and successful association. You can reach me at +1 202 322 4111.”

Waleed Khokhar

"Just a short note to express our gratitude for your business. We have served the metal recycling industry for over forty years. I am here to make sure that we are meeting your needs. Call me if there is ever any question about something we have done or something we can do for you. +1 571 224 3704”

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